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Veterinary Compounding 

Group of dogs on leashes, happy and healthy thanks to Jeffreys veterinary compounding.

Jeffreys Drugstore Offers Veterinary Compounding

Your pet is a beloved part of your family that you want to protect and take care of. And when they fall ill, they need quality care and medication. Jeffreys Drugstore has the capability to compound pet-specific medications. We can help you get the veterinary medication you and your pet need in the dosage form that works best for you. We can provide oral suspensions, capsules, chew treats, suppositories, and animal-specific flavors: chicken/beef/fish/peanut butter, to name a few.

Our full-service pharmacy allows us to be your top choice of topical pet medication providers. Our pharmacists work hard to get you the medication you need to take care of your pet while addressing their unique needs.

Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to assist you

Our Veterinary Medications

Our pharmacy has experience working with veterinarians for all kinds of animals, domestic and exotic, large and small, such as reptiles, horses, birds, and mice. Our compounds are pharmaceutical-grade and include the following types of medication:

  • Eye solutions for inflammation or allergies

  • Anti-seizure medications

  • Hypertension medications

  • Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism formulations

  • Lyme disease treatments

  • Anti-inflammatory suspension or topical formulations

  • Antibiotics in appropriate pet-friendly flavors

  • Formulations for anxiety or compulsive behavior

  • Digestive medications

With our help, you can ensure that your animal is in good hands as we work with your veterinary team to find a topical veterinary medication to treat your pet’s condition.

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