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Your Jeffreys Drugstore is here to help you navigate Medicare Open Enrollment

During November, you are certain to see an increase in ads surrounding the topic of insurance and Medicare. This year, Medicare's open enrollment period lasts from October 15 to December 7, 2022, allowing patients to update and upgrade their coverage for the upcoming year. With so many plans, how do you know the best coverage and cost savings? Jeffreys Drugstore is committed to helping patients find affordable prescription plan coverage through Medicare Open Enrollment Consultations.

Understanding Medicare Open Enrollment

As you plan for your coverage next year, there may be some terms with which you are not familiar. Jeffreys Drugstore takes the time and effort necessary to help you find the right Medicare healthcare plan for you. As you research coverage, you’ll likely encounter the following terms:

MedicareMedicare.gov defines Medicare as a Federal health insurance plan for:

  • People 65 years and older

  • Younger patients with disabilities

  • Those suffering from permanent kidney failure that requires dialysis, a kidney transplant, or intensive medical attention

If any of these are applicable to you and your health, you are eligible for Medicare prescription plan coverage.

Medicare Part A – coverage for inpatient and hospital care.

Medicare Part B– assists with fees for outpatient and medical coverage.

Medicare Part C –also refers to Medicare Advantage plans offered by private companies approved to service Medicare patients. Medicare Advantage plans are often a combination of Medicare Parts A, B, and D and grant you access to a network of healthcare providers within the plan.

Medicare Part D – provides coverage for your prescription drugs. You can change Part D plans during the Medicare open enrollment period.

Open Enrollment Period – an annual timeframe in which you have the chance to enroll in new health coverage and Medicare plans.

Coverage Gap, aka Donut Hole – Most Medicare Part D drug plans have a coverage gap. This gap is a set dollar amount at which a plan will no longer cover additional patient prescription and medical costs. For example, for 2023, Medicare part D will cover prescription expenses once you reach $4,460. Once you spend $7,400 in out-of-pocket costs for the year, your plan will resume covering your prescription drugs.

Choosing the Right Medicare Prescription Plan for You

For patients who want to continue using our pharmacy at Jeffreys Drugstore, we are happy to help find coverage compatible with our company. Completing a Medicare Consultation ensures you can still come to us for all your prescription needs.

Things to consider when choosing a new plan include the following:

  • Will your health providers still accept new coverage? Make sure to list all the doctors you see and ensure they will accept the insurance you are considering.

  • Does this Medicare plan cover your daily medications? You can get a list from our Jeffreys Drugstore staff to provide documentation for your medications in order to find the right coverage for you.

  • Are there any out-of-pocket expenses with your new plan?

  • How much are the fees for this specific plan? Depending on whether you need to see a primary care provider or a specialist, some plans may have different copays.

  • Will you gain any additional coverage? For example, some Medicare plans may include dental and vision coverage. Meanwhile, other plans may require you purchase those additional coverages separately.

Get help with Medicare Plans at Jeffreys Drugstore

There are numerous factors that go into play when upgrading your health coverage. Jeffreys Drugstore is here to help you throughout the process, keeping your coverage as inexpensive as possible. On average, patients who opt to do a plan review save over $1,100 per year. Contact Jeffreys Drugstore for a Medicare Plan Review Session today.

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