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Compliance Medication Packaging
Medication prescriptions.

Compliance Medication Packaging at Jeffreys Drugstore

We offer compliance medication packaging at Jeffreys Drugstore to add more ease and convenience to your daily schedule. Compliance packaging is putting all of your medications into one package to help you adhere to your drug regimen.

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Why Compliance Packaging Matters?
  • Ease of medication dosing

  • Travel-friendly packaging

  • Avoid skipped doses

  • Organize your multiple prescriptions

  • Personalized packaging

Medication prescription packaging.
Compliance Packaging Helps With Organizing Your Multiple Prescriptions

At Jeffreys Drugstore, we pride ourselves on working to make your life easier. Every month, you will receive your pre-packaged prescriptions that contain pre-sorted medications with clearly marked dates and times. Our compliance packs can also hold vitamins and over-the-counter medicine.

Reach out to our team of pharmacists to learn more about our compliance packaging services and how to sign up today.

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